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Old Testament
Before Time In the Beginning was the Word
Before 4000 BC The Creation
Before 4000 BC The Garden of Eden
Before 4000 BC The Fall of Man
Before 3000 BC Cain kills Abel
Before 3000 BC From Adam to Noah
Before 2500 BC Wickedness Provokes God's wrath
Before 2500 BC The Great Flood
Before 2500 BC The Flood Subsides
Before 2500 BC Covenant of the Rainbow
Before 2500 BC Shem, Ham and Japheth
Before 2100 BC Job's Suffering and Faith
Before 2100 BC The Tower of Babel
2091 BC God Sends Abram to Egypt
2090 BC The Famine in Canaan
2085 BC Abram and Lot Part Ways
2085 BC Abram Promised Many Descendants
2084 BC Abram Rescues Lot
2081 BC God's Covenant with Abram
2081 BC Sarai and Hagar
2080 BC Ishmael Born
2067 BC The Covenant of Circumcision
2067 BC God Promises the Birth of Isaac
2067 BC The Destruction of Sodom
2067 BC Abraham, Sarah and Abimelech
2066 BC Isaac Born
2064 BC Hagar and Ishmael Sent Away
2057 BC The Treaty at Beersheba
2054 BC The Offering of Isaac
2030 BC Death and Burial of Sarah
2026 BC Isaac Marries Rebekah
2006 BC Birth of Jacob and Esau
1991 BC Death of Abraham
1978 BC Esau sells his birthright
1977 BC Isaac and Abimelech
1929 BC Jacob Gets Isaac's Blessing
1928 BC Jacob Flees to Laban
1928 BC Jacob's vision of a ladder
1928 BC Jacob Serves Laban
1921 BC Jacob Marries Rachel
1921 BC Jacob and His Sons
1916 BC Rachel Bears Joseph
1908 BC Jacob Leaves for Canaan
1906 BC Jacob Wrestles with God
1906 BC Jacob Meets Esau
1906 BC Jacob Settles in Shechem
1906 BC Shechem Defiles Dinah
1906 BC Jacob Returns to Bethel
1906 BC Jacob Named Israel
1906 BC Descendants of Esau
1903 BC Rachel Dies
1898 BC Joseph's Dreams and Betrayal
1898 BC Joseph Sold into Slavery
1898 BC Tamar deceives Judah
1898 BC Joseph Prospers Under Potiphar
1889 BC Potiphar's Wife Accuses Joseph
1889 BC Joseph Imprisoned
1887 BC The Cupbearer and the Baker's Dreams
1886 BC Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams
1886 BC Joseph Put in Charge
1886 BC Seven Years of Plenty Begin
1875 BC Famine Begins
1875 BC Joseph's Brothers Sent to Egypt
1875 BC Simeon Detained by Joseph
1875 BC The Return with Benjamin
1875 BC Benjamin and the Silver Cup
1875 BC Joseph Reveals His Identity
1875 BC Joseph Sends for Jacob
1875 BC Jacob and Family to Egypt
1875 BC Jacob to Goshen
1859 BC Jacob's Illness
1859 BC Jacob's Blessing and Death
1859 BC The Burial of Jacob
1806 BC The Death of Joseph
1800 BC Jacob's Family Stays in Egypt
1700 BC Israelites Multiply in Egypt
1600 BC Israelites Oppressed by New King
1539 BC Pharaoh's Order to Kill Firstborn
1525 BC The Birth and Adoption of Moses
1486 BC Moses Flees into Midian
1446 BC Israelites Groan in Slavery
1446 BC Moses Sent to Deliver Israel
1446 BC The Ten Plagues on Egypt
1446 BC The Exodus Begins
1446 BC The Isreaelites At Mount Sinai
1446 BC Moses Receives the Commandments
1446 BC Moses Receives the Law
1446 BC Preparations for the Tabernacle
1446 BC The Golden Calf and Moses' Anger
1446 BC The Journey Resumes
1445 BC The Tabernacle is Erected and Filled
1445 BC Laws for Sacrifices and Offerings
1445 BC Aaron and His Sons Consecrated
1445 BC The Sin of Nadab and Abihu
1445 BC Laws of Purity
1445 BC Punishments and Regulations
1445 BC Feasts and Jubilee
1445 BC Census, Tribes, Duties
1445 BC Tabernacle Dedication
1445 BC The People Complain
1445 BC The Twelve Spies
1445 BC People Murmur at the Spies' Report
1426 BC Korah's Rebellion
1426 BC Aaron's Staff Buds
1426 BC Priests, Red Heifer, Cleansing
1407 BC Water from the Rock at Meribah
1407 BC Aaron's Death
1407 BC The Bronze Snake
1407 BC Balaam and the Angel
1407 BC The Second Census
1407 BC The Daughters of Zelophehad
1407 BC Joshua Chosen to Succeed Moses
1407 BC Special sacrifices and holy days
1407 BC Vows of women
1407 BC Conquest of Midian
1407 BC Division of Transjordan
1407 BC Summary of Israel's Journey
1407 BC Apportionment of Canaan
1407 BC Borders and Cities of Refuge
1407 BC Zelophehad's Daughters Marry
1407 BC Psalm of Moses
1407 BC Moses' Summary of Israel's History
1406 BC Recapitulation of the Law
1406 BC The Song of Moses
1406 BC Moses Blesses the Twelve Tribes
1406 BC Blessings of Moses
1406 BC The Death of Moses
1406 BC God Commissions Joshua
1406 BC Rahab Welcomes the Spies
1406 BC The Israelites Cross the Jordan
1406 BC Conquer of Jericho and Ai
1405 BC Kings Join against Israel
1405 BC The Sun Stands Still
1405 BC Northern Palestine Defeated
1399 BC Land allotted among the Tribes
1375 BC Joshua's Farewell Address
1375 BC Micah's Idolatry
1375 BC Danites Settle in Laish, Take Micah's Idols
1375 BC A Levite's Concubine Degraded
1375 BC Israelites Defeat the Benjamites
1375 BC Wives for the Benjamites
1374 BC Israelites Capture Jerusalem, Hebron
1374 BC Israel Rebuked and Defeated
1374 BC Israel's idolatry and Servitude; Othniel
1334 BC Eglon
1316 BC Ehud
1235 BC Deborah and Barak
1235 BC The Song of Deborah and Barak
1169 BC Gideon and the Midianites
1140 BC Naomi, Ruth and Boaz
1129 BC Abimelech Conspires to Become King
1126 BC Plot against Abimelech
1126 BC Abimelech is Slain
1118 BC Tola, Jair
1100 BC Birth of Samuel
1100 BC Hannah's Song
1097 BC Jephthah's Covenant with the Gileadites
1090 BC Jephthah, Ephraim, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon
1090 BC Israel Oppressed by the Philistines
1075 BC Samson's Marriage and Riddle
1075 BC Samson Burns the Philistine Crops
1075 BC Samson and Delilah
1070 BC Battle of Shiloh
1070 BC Philistines Take the Ark
1070 BC Philistines Return the Ark to Israel
1070 BC Ark brought to Abinadab's House
1050 BC Israelites Repent at Mizpeh
1043 BC Saul Becomes King
1042 BC Saul Defeats the Ammonites
1041 BC Saul's War with the Philistines
1041 BC Jonathan's Miraculous Victory
1028 BC Saul's Disobedience and Samuel's Rebuke
1024 BC Samuel Anoints David at Bethlehem
1024 BC David Kills Goliath
1015 BC Jonathan's Friendship with David
1014 BC David Protected from Saul
1013 BC David and Jonathan's Covenant
1013 BC David's Psalm of Deliverance (1Sa 20)
1012 BC David at Nob and Gath
1012 BC David's Psalm Fleeing Saul (1Sa 21)
1012 BC David's Psalm Before Ahimelech (1Sa 21)
1011 BC David's Psalm at Gath (1Sa 21)
1011 BC Saul Slays the Priests of Nob
1011 BC David's Psalms in the Cave (1Sa 22)
1011 BC David Flees Saul
1011 BC David's Psalm at Keilah (1Sa 23)
1011 BC David Spares Saul's Life
1011 BC Samuel Dies
1011 BC David Spares Saul a Second Time
1010 BC David Flees to the Philistines
1010 BC Saul and the Witch of Endor
1010 BC Achish Sends David Away
1010 BC David Destroys the Amalekites
1010 BC Saul and His Sons Killed
1010 BC David Mourns for Saul and Jonathan
1010 BC David Made King over Judah
1008 BC Civil War Between Abner and Joab
1006 BC House of David Strengthened
1005 BC Joab murders Abner
1004 BC The Murder of Ish-bosheth
1003 BC Genealogies of the Israelites
1003 BC Saul's Overthrow and Defeat
1003 BC David Reigns over All Israel
1002 BC David's Army Grows
1000 BC David fetches the ark
1000 BC David's Family Grows
1000 BC The Ark is Brought to Jerusalem
1000 BC David Plans a Temple
998 BC David Defeats the Philistines
998 BC David's Psalm of Victory (2Sa 8)
998 BC David's Psalm of Zion
998 BC David's Psalm of Glory to God
998 BC David's festival sacrifice
998 BC Psalms of Praise (1Ch 16) ,
997 BC David Purposes to build a Temple
996 BC David Strengthens His Kingdom
995 BC David and Mephibosheth
995 BC David Defeats Ammon and Aram ,
995 BC The Capture of Rabbah
993 BC David and Bathsheba
991 BC Nathan Rebukes David
991 BC David's Psalm of Repentance (2Sa 12)
990 BC Solomon is Born
990 BC Amnon and Tamar
990 BC Amnom Killed by Absalom
988 BC The Widow of Tekoa
980 BC Absalom Recalled
979 BC Psalms of David (Asorted)
979 BC Psalms of Korah ,
979 BC Psalms of Asaph ,
979 BC Psalms of Unknown Authors
979 BC David Forces a Census
979 BC Preparation for building the Temple
979 BC Preparation of Priesthood
979 BC Divisions of Levites
979 BC Preparation of sanctuary singers
979 BC Preparation of gatekeepers, treasurers
979 BC Preparation of government
976 BC Absalom's Conspiracy
976 BC David Flees Jerusalem
972 BC David and Ziba, Shimei
972 BC Shimei Curses David
972 BC David's Psalm of Thirst for God (2Sa 16)
972 BC Hushai's Warning Saves David
972 BC David Psalms of Deliverance (2Sa 17) ,
972 BC Absalom Slain by Joab
972 BC Joab Comforts David
972 BC Sheba Rebels Against David
970 BC The Gibeonites Avenged
970 BC David's Song of Deliverance
970 BC David's Last Song
970 BC David's Psalm of Steadfastness (2Sa 23)
970 BC David Counts the Fighting Men
970 BC David's last days ,
970 BC David's Psalm of Salvation (1Ki 2)
967 BC Psalm for Solomon (2Ch 1)
967 BC Solomon Asks for Wisdom ,
967 BC Psalm of Korah (1Ki 3)
967 BC Solomon's Wisdom
967 BC Solomon's Preparations for the Temple
966 BC The Building of Solomon's Temple
966 BC The Building of Solomon's Palace
966 BC The Ark Brought to the Temple
966 BC God's covenant with Solomon
966 BC Solomon Prepares for a Temple and Palace
966 BC Solomon Builds the Temple in Jerusalem
966 BC Temple Furnishings
959 BC Ark Brought into the Temple
959 BC Solomon's Prayer of Temple Dedication
959 BC God's Glory in the Temple
959 BC Psalms of Solomon (2Ch 7)
959 BC Solomon's buildings
950 BC Solomon Psalm of Blessing
950 BC The Proverbs of Solomon
950 BC The Words of Agur
950 BC King Lemuel's Proverb
950 BC Solomon's Song of Songs
946 BC Mutual Presents of Solomon and Hiran
946 BC The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon ,
939 BC Solomon's Wives and Idolatry
937 BC Ecclesiastes Words of the Teacher(Preacher)
931 BC Solomon's Death
931 BC The Kingdom is Divided
930 BC Israelites Rebel against Rehoboam
930 BC Rehoboam's Reign over Judah
927 BC Rehoboam's sin
925 BC Ahijah's Prophecies against Jeroboam
913 BC Rehoboam's Wicked Reign
913 BC Abijam's wicked reign
913 BC Civil War against Jeroboam
913 BC Asa Destroys Idolatry
909 BC Jehu's prophecy against Baasha
895 BC Asa's Reforms
894 BC Hanani's rebuke
886 BC Elah, Zimri, Omri
874 BC Ahab's wicked reign
869 BC Jehoshaphat Succeeds Asa
863 BC Elijah Prays for Drought
863 BC Elijah Fed by Ravens
863 BC The Widow at Zarephath
863 BC Elijah on Mount Carmel
858 BC Elijah Flees Jezebel
858 BC Elisha Called
857 BC Ben-Hadad Attacks Samaria
857 BC Ahab Defeats Ben-Hadad
855 BC Ahab Takes Naboth's Vineyard
853 BC Israel and Judah against Syria
853 BC The Vision of Obadiah
853 BC Jehoshaphat Allies with Ahab
853 BC Jehosaphat's deeds
853 BC War with Ammon and Moab
852 BC Jehoram's Wicked Reign in Judah
852 BC Moab Rebels
851 BC Elijah Taken up to Heaven
851 BC Elisha Succeeds Elijah
850 BC Jehoram Meets Moab Rebellion
849 BC The Widow's Oil
849 BC Elisha Raises The Shunammite boy
849 BC The Healing of Naaman
848 BC Elisha Floats an Axhead
848 BC Elisha Promises Plenty in Samaria
847 BC The Shunammite's Land
841 BC Jehu Reigns in Israel
841 BC Jehu Kills Joram
841 BC Ahab's Family Killed
841 BC Baal Worshipers killed
841 BC Joash escapes Athaliah
841 BC Ahaziah Succeeds Jehoram in Judah
841 BC Jehoiada Makes Joash King
835 BC Joash Reigns Well ,
835 BC The Word of the LORD to Joel
812 BC Joash Orders Temple repairs
812 BC Jehoahaz's wicked reign
796 BC Amaziah's good reign ,
790 BC Azariah's good reign
790 BC Uzziah Reigns in Judah
766 BC The Words of Amos
760 BC Jonah Sent to Nineveh
753 BC Hosea's Prophecies
750 BC Jotham Succeeds Uzziah
742 BC Wicked Reign of Ahaz ,
739 BC Isaiah Complains of Zion's Corruption
739 BC Isaiah's Vision and Commission
735 BC Isaiah's Prophesy of Immanuel
735 BC The Word of the LORD to Micah
734 BC Uriah and Zechariah
730 BC Isaiah Prophesies a Child Is Born
730 BC Isaiah Prophesies Judgments Upon Israel
730 BC Isaiah Prophesies Judgment on Assyria
730 BC Isaiah Prophesies The Root of Jesse
730 BC Isaiah's Joyful Thanksgiving
725 BC Isaiah Prophesies against the Nations
725 BC Isaiah's Valley of Vision
725 BC Isaiah's Burden of Tyre
725 BC Devastation on the Earth
725 BC Isaiah's Songs of Praise
725 BC Isaiah's Further Warnings
725 BC Isaiah Prophesies a King Shall Reign
725 BC Isaiah Declares God's Judgments
725 BC Isaiah Declares the Joyful Will Flourish in Zion
725 BC Hoshea the Last King of Israel
722 BC Israel Led into Captivity
721 BC Strange Nations Transplanted into Samaria
716 BC Hezekiah's Good Reign
715 BC Hezekiah proclaims a solemn Passover
715 BC Idolatry is Destroyed
712 BC Hezekiah's Illness and Healing ,
711 BC Hezekiah Shows Treasures ,
711 BC Isaiah Prophesies Captivity and Restoration
701 BC Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem ,
701 BC Korah's Psalms of Refuge (2Ch 32)
701 BC Hezekiah's Prayer ,
697 BC The Vision of Nahum
687 BC Manasseh's Wicked Reign ,
640 BC Josiah's good reign ,
638 BC The Word of the LORD to Zephaniah
627 BC The Call of Jeremiah
627 BC Jeremiah Declares Judah Forsakes God
627 BC Jeremiah's Message at the Temple Gate
625 BC The Oracle to Habakkuk
622 BC Jeremiah Proclaims God's Covenant
621 BC Josiah Prepares for Temple Repair
621 BC Hilkiah finds the lost Book of the Law
621 BC Josiah Celebrates the Passover ,
609 BC Jehoiakim's wicked reign.
609 BC Jeremiah Proclaims Covenant Is Broken
609 BC Jeremiah Prophesies against Egypt
609 BC Jeremiah Prophesies against Philistia
605 BC Daniel Refuses the King's Portion
604 BC Daniel Interprets Nebuchadnezzar Dream
601 BC Rebellion of Jehoiakim
597 BC Jehoiachim exiled
597 BC Zedekiah reigns in Judah
594 BC Jeremiah Prophesies against Moab
594 BC Jeremiah Prophesies against Ammon
593 BC Ezekiel's Prophecy at Chebar
593 BC Ezekiel's Calling and Instruction
593 BC Ezekiel Eats the Scroll
593 BC Ezekiel Foretells Siege of Jerusalem
593 BC Ezekiel's Vision of the End
592 BC Ezekiel's First Temple Vision
591 BC Ezekiel Sees God Refuse the Elders
591 BC Ezekiel Prophesies against Jerusalem
591 BC Ezekiel Prophesies against two Sisters
588 BC Siege of Jerusalem Begins
588 BC Jeremiah's Conflicts
588 BC Jeremiah Prophesies Judgment on Judah
588 BC Siege of Jerusalem Begins
587 BC God's Vengeance on Ammon and Edom
586 BC The Fall of Jerusalem ,
586 BC Psalms of Desolation (Jer. 52) ,
586 BC Jeremiah Prophesies against Babylon
586 BC Jeremiah's Lamentations
586 BC Ezekiel Pronounces Judgment on Tyre
586 BC Ezekiel Prophesies against Egypt
586 BC Ezekiel the Watchman
585 BC Ezekiel Explains Jerusalem's Fall
585 BC Ezekiel Foresees Reproof and Restoration
585 BC Ezekiel Sees Resurrection of Dry Bones
585 BC Ezekiel Sees Future battle
585 BC Ezekiel Sees God's judgment upon Gog
585 BC Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
582 BC Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
582 BC Daniel Interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
573 BC Ezekiel's Second Temple Vision
539 BC Daniel Interprets Handwriting on the Wall
539 BC Daniel Survives the Lions' Den
539 BC Daniel's Vision of Four Beasts
539 BC Daniel's Vision of the Ram and Goat
539 BC Daniel's Prayer and Gabriel's Answer
539 BC Daniel Comforted by the Angel
539 BC Daniel Prophesies Overthrow of Persia
539 BC Daniel Prophesies Deliverance for Israel
537 BC The Proclamation of Cyrus
537 BC The Exiles Return
535 BC Temple Work Begins
534 BC Adversaries Hinder Temple Work
534 BC Artaxerxes Orders Work Stopped
520 BC Tattenai's Letter to Darius
520 BC The Word of the LORD by Haggai
520 BC The Word of the LORD to Zechariah
520 BC Temple Work Resumed by Darius' Decree
515 BC Completion and Dedication of the Temple
483 BC Queen Vashti Deposed
478 BC Esther Becomes Queen
478 BC Mordecai Thwarts a Conspiracy
474 BC Haman Seeks Revenge on the Jews
473 BC Mordecai Informs Esther of Haman's Plot
473 BC Esther Prepares a Banquet
473 BC The King Honors Mordecai
473 BC Haman Is Hanged
473 BC Xerxes' Edict on Behalf of Esther and Jews
472 BC Purim Instituted
472 BC Xerxes' Tribute to Mordecai
458 BC Ezra Journeys to Jerusalem
458 BC Ezra Commissioned by Artaxerxes
457 BC Families Return to Jerusalem with Ezra
457 BC Ezra's reforms
456 BC Ezra's Prayer About Intermarriage
445 BC Nehemiah's Prayer for the Exiles
444 BC Artaxerxes Sends Nehemiah to Jerusalem
444 BC Builders of the Walls Named
444 BC Builders Overcome Ridicule
444 BC Nehemiah Abolishes Debt and Bondage
444 BC Sanballat's Plot
444 BC Completion of the Wall
444 BC Census of Returned Exiles
444 BC Ezra Reads the Law
444 BC Israelites Fast and Repent
444 BC Israelites Seal the Covenant
444 BC People Settle in Jerusalem
432 BC Nehemiah Restores Laws
430 BC The Word of the LORD by Malachi


New Testament
6 BC Birth of John the Baptist ,
6 BC Augustus Taxes the Roman Empire
5 BC Birth of Jesus ,
5 BC Visit of the Magi
5 BC Escape to Egypt
4 BC Slaughter of Infants
4 BC Return to Nazareth
8 AD The Boy Jesus at the Temple
26 AD John the Baptist Prepares the Way ,
26 AD The Baptism of Jesus ,
27 AD Temptation of Jesus ,
27 AD Jesus Calls his First Disciples ,
27 AD Wedding at Cana
27 AD Jesus Teaches Nicodemus
27 AD Jesus Testifies to the Samaritan Woman
27 AD Sermon on the Mount
28 AD Instructions on Prayer
28 AD Jesus Ministers in Galilee ,
28 AD The Pool of Bethesda
28 AD Jesus Lord of the Sabbath ,
28 AD Jesus Answers John's Disciples ,
28 AD Jesus Speaks Many Parables ,
28 AD Jesus Heals a Demoniac ,
28 AD Jesus Heals a Paralytic
29 AD Jesus Sends out His Twelve Apostles ,
29 AD John the Baptist Beheaded ,
29 AD Jesus Feeds the 5,000 ,
29 AD Teachings on Clean and Unclean ,
29 AD Peter's Confession of Christ ,
29 AD The Transfiguration ,
29 AD Greatest and Least in the Kingdom
29 AD Jesus Sends out the Seventy-two
29 AD Jesus Teaches at the Feast of Tabernacles
29 AD The Woman Caught in Adultery
29 AD Jesus Affirms He is the Son of God
29 AD The Shepherd and His Flock
30 AD Jesus Speaks More Parables
30 AD Jesus Cleanses the Ten Lepers
30 AD Jesus Raises Lazarus
30 AD Final Journey to Jerusalem ,
30 AD The Triumphal Entry ,
30 AD Closing Ministry in Jerusalem ,
30 AD Thursday Before Passover ,
30 AD Jesus Comforts His Disciples
30 AD Jesus the True Vine
30 AD Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit
30 AD Jesus' Intercessory prayers
30 AD Jesus' Betrayal, Trial, Crucifixion ,
30 AD Jesus' Resurrection ,
30 AD The Ascension
30 AD Matthias Chosen by Lot
30 AD The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost
30 AD Peter Heals and Preaches
30 AD Peter and John Arrested and Released;
30 AD Believers Share All
30 AD Deaths of Ananias and Sapphira
30 AD Apostles Preach and Heal
31 AD Stephen's Speech, Stoning and Death
31 AD Saul Persecutes the Church
31 AD Philip in Samaria
31 AD Simon the Sorcerer
31 AD Philip and the Ethiopian
34 AD Saul's Conversion
37 AD Peter Preaches to the Gentiles
42 AD Barnabas Sent to Antioch
42 AD Peter Led from Prison by the Angel
44 AD Herod Agrippa Dies
45 AD James Writes his Letter
48 AD Paul's First Missionary Journey
48 AD Paul preaches in Pisidian Antioch
48 AD Paul and Barnabas in Iconium
48 AD Paul and Barnabas in Lystra and Derbe
48 AD Paul and Barnabas Return to Syrian Antioch
48 AD Return to Syrian Antioch
48 AD The Council at Jerusalem
49 AD Paul's Second Missionary Journey
49 AD Paul in Philippi
49 AD Paul in Thessalonica, Berea, Athens
51 AD Paul in Corinth
51 AD Paul Writes to the Thessalonians
52 AD Paul Writes again to the Thessalonians
54 AD Paul in Ephesus
54 AD Paul Writes to the Corinthians
54 AD Paul Writes to the Galatians
57 AD Paul in Macedonia and Greece
57 AD Paul Writes to the Romans
57 AD Paul Writes again to the Corinthians
59 AD Paul Returns to Jerusalem
60 AD Paul imprisoned in Caesarea
62 AD Paul Before Festus
62 AD Paul Before Agrippa
62 AD Paul Sails for Rome
62 AD The Shipwreck
62 AD Paul Ashore at Malta
62 AD Paul Preaches at Rome
62 AD Paul Writes to the Ephesians
62 AD Paul Writes to the Philippians
62 AD Paul Writes to the Colossians
62 AD Paul Writes to Philemon
63 AD Paul Writes to Timothy
64 AD Peter Writes his First Letter
66 AD Paul Writes to Titus
67 AD Paul Writes Again to Timothy
67 AD Peter Writes his Second Letter
68 AD Letter to the Hebrews
68 AD Jude Writes his Letter
90 AD John Writes his First Letter
92 AD John Writes his Second Letter
94 AD John Writes his Third Letter
95 AD John's Revelation on Patmos