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2 Samuel 13 1 David's son Absalom had a beautiful sister named Tamar. And Amnon, her half brother, fell desperately in love with her.
2 Samuel 13 2 Amnon became so obsessed with Tamar that he became ill. She was a virgin, and it seemed impossible that he could ever fulfill his love for her.
2 Samuel 13 3 Now Amnon had a very crafty friend--his cousin Jonadab. He was the son of David's brother Shimea.
2 Samuel 13 4 One day Jonadab said to Amnon, "What's the trouble? Why should the son of a king look so dejected morning after morning?" So Amnon told him, "I am in love with Tamar, Absalom's sister."
2 Samuel 13 5 "Well," Jonadab said, "I'll tell you what to do. Go back to bed and pretend you are sick. When your father comes to see you, ask him to let Tamar come and prepare some food for you. Tell him you'll feel better if she feeds you."
2 Samuel 13 6 So Amnon pretended to be sick. And when the king came to see him, Amnon asked him, "Please let Tamar come to take care of me and cook something for me to eat."
2 Samuel 13 7 So David agreed and sent Tamar to Amnon's house to prepare some food for him.
2 Samuel 13 8 When Tamar arrived at Amnon's house, she went to the room where he was lying down so he could watch her mix some dough. Then she baked some special bread for him.
2 Samuel 13 9 But when she set the serving tray before him, he refused to eat. "Everyone get out of here," Amnon told his servants. So they all left.
2 Samuel 13 10 Then he said to Tamar, "Now bring the food into my bedroom and feed it to me here." So Tamar took it to him.
2 Samuel 13 11 But as she was feeding him, he grabbed her and demanded, "Come to bed with me, my darling sister."
2 Samuel 13 12 "No, my brother!" she cried. "Don't be foolish! Don't do this to me! You know what a serious crime it is to do such a thing in Israel.
2 Samuel 13 13 Where could I go in my shame? And you would be called one of the greatest fools in Israel. Please, just speak to the king about it, and he will let you marry me."
2 Samuel 13 14 But Amnon wouldn't listen to her, and since he was stronger than she was, he raped her.
2 Samuel 13 15 Then suddenly Amnon's love turned to hate, and he hated her even more than he had loved her. "Get out of here!" he snarled at her.
2 Samuel 13 16 "No, no!" Tamar cried. "To reject me now is a greater wrong than what you have already done to me." But Amnon wouldn't listen to her.
2 Samuel 13 17 He shouted for his servant and demanded, "Throw this woman out, and lock the door behind her!"
2 Samuel 13 18 So the servant put her out. She was wearing a long, beautiful robe, as was the custom in those days for the king's virgin daughters.
2 Samuel 13 19 But now Tamar tore her robe and put ashes on her head. And then, with her face in her hands, she went away crying.
2 Samuel 13 20 Her brother Absalom saw her and asked, "Is it true that Amnon has been with you? Well, don't be so upset. Since he's your brother anyway, don't worry about it." So Tamar lived as a desolate woman in Absalom's house.
2 Samuel 13 21 When King David heard what had happened, he was very angry.
2 Samuel 13 22 And though Absalom never spoke to Amnon about it, he hated Amnon deeply because of what he had done to his sister.
2 Samuel 13 23 Two years later, when Absalom's sheep were being sheared at Baal-hazor near Ephraim, Absalom invited all the king's sons to come to a feast.
2 Samuel 13 24 He went to the king and said, "My sheep-shearers are now at work. Would the king and his servants please come to celebrate the occasion with me?"
2 Samuel 13 25 The king replied, "No, my son. If we all came, we would be too much of a burden on you." Absalom pressed him, but the king wouldn't come, though he sent his thanks.
2 Samuel 13 26 "Well, then," Absalom said, "if you can't come, how about sending my brother Amnon instead?Why Amnon?" the king asked.
2 Samuel 13 27 But Absalom kept on pressing the king until he finally agreed to let all his sons attend, including Amnon.
2 Samuel 13 28 Absalom told his men, "Wait until Amnon gets drunk; then at my signal, kill him! Don't be afraid. I'm the one who has given the command. Take courage and do it!"
2 Samuel 13 29 So at Absalom's signal they murdered Amnon. Then the other sons of the king jumped on their mules and fled.
2 Samuel 13 30 As they were on the way back to Jerusalem, this report reached David: "Absalom has killed all your sons; not one is left alive!"
2 Samuel 13 31 The king jumped up, tore his robe, and fell prostrate on the ground. His advisers also tore their clothes in horror and sorrow.
2 Samuel 13 32 But just then Jonadab, the son of David's brother Shimea, arrived and said, "No, not all your sons have been killed! It was only Amnon! Absalom has been plotting this ever since Amnon raped his sister Tamar.
2 Samuel 13 33 No, your sons aren't all dead! It was only Amnon."
2 Samuel 13 34 Meanwhile Absalom escaped. Then the watchman on the Jerusalem wall saw a great crowd coming toward the city from the west. He ran to tell the king, "I see a crowd of people coming from the Horonaim road along the side of the hill."
2 Samuel 13 35 "Look!" Jonadab told the king. "There they are now! Your sons are coming, just as I said."
2 Samuel 13 36 They soon arrived, weeping and sobbing, and the king and his officials wept bitterly with them.
2 Samuel 13 37 And David mourned many days for his son Amnon. Absalom fled to his grandfather, Talmai son of Ammihud, the king of Geshur.
2 Samuel 13 38 He stayed there in Geshur for three years.
2 Samuel 13 39 And David, now reconciled to Amnon's death, longed to be reunited with his son Absalom.
2 Samuel 14 1 Joab realized how much the king longed to see Absalom.
2 Samuel 14 2 So he sent for a woman from Tekoa who had a reputation for great wisdom. He said to her, "Pretend you are in mourning; wear mourning clothes and don't bathe or wear any perfume. Act like a woman who has been in deep sorrow for a long time.
2 Samuel 14 3 Then go to the king and tell him the story I am about to tell you." Then Joab told her what to say.
2 Samuel 14 4 When the woman approached the king, she fell with her face down to the floor in front of him and cried out, "O king! Help me!"
2 Samuel 14 5 "What's the trouble?" the king asked. "I am a widow," she replied.
2 Samuel 14 6 "My two sons had a fight out in the field. And since no one was there to stop it, one of them was killed.
2 Samuel 14 7 Now the rest of the family is demanding, `Let us have your son. We will execute him for murdering his brother. He doesn't deserve to inherit his family's property.' But if I do that, I will have no one left, and my husband's name and family will disappear from the face of the earth."
2 Samuel 14 8 "Leave it to me," the king told her. "Go home, and I'll see to it that no one touches him."
2 Samuel 14 9 "Oh, thank you, my lord," she replied. "And I'll take the responsibility if you are criticized for helping me like this."
2 Samuel 14 10 "Don't worry about that!" the king said. "If anyone objects, bring them to me. I can assure you they will never complain again!"
2 Samuel 14 11 Then she said, "Please swear to me by the LORD your God that you won't let anyone take vengeance against my son. I want no more bloodshed.As surely as the LORD lives," he replied, "not a hair on your son's head will be disturbed!"
2 Samuel 14 12 "Please let me ask one more thing of you!" she said. "Go ahead," he urged. "Speak!"
2 Samuel 14 13 She replied, "Why don't you do as much for all the people of God as you have promised to do for me? You have convicted yourself in making this decision, because you have refused to bring home your own banished son.
2 Samuel 14 14 All of us must die eventually. Our lives are like water spilled out on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again. That is why God tries to bring us back when we have been separated from him. He does not sweep away the lives of those he cares about--and neither should you!
2 Samuel 14 15 "But I have come to plead with you for my son because my life and my son's life have been threatened. I said to myself, `Perhaps the king will listen to me
2 Samuel 14 16 and rescue us from those who would cut us off from God's people.
2 Samuel 14 17 Yes, the king will give us peace of mind again.' I know that you are like an angel of God and can discern good from evil. May the LORD your God be with you."
2 Samuel 14 18 "I want to know one thing," the king replied. "Yes, my lord?" she asked.
2 Samuel 14 19 "Did Joab send you here?" And the woman replied, "My lord the king, how can I deny it? Nobody can hide anything from you. Yes, Joab sent me and told me what to say.
2 Samuel 14 20 He did it to place the matter before you in a different light. But you are as wise as an angel of God, and you understand everything that happens among us!"
2 Samuel 14 21 So the king sent for Joab and told him, "All right, go and bring back the young man Absalom."
2 Samuel 14 22 Joab fell to the ground before the king and blessed him and said, "At last I know that I have gained your approval, for you have granted me this request!"
2 Samuel 14 23 Then Joab went to Geshur and brought Absalom back to Jerusalem.
2 Samuel 14 24 But the king gave this order: "Absalom may go to his own house, but he must never come into my presence." So Absalom did not see the king.
2 Samuel 14 25 Now no one in Israel was as handsome as Absalom. From head to foot, he was the perfect specimen of a man.
2 Samuel 14 26 He cut his hair only once a year, and then only because it was too heavy to carry around. When he weighed it out, it came to five pounds!
2 Samuel 14 27 He had three sons and one daughter. His daughter's name was Tamar, and she was very beautiful.
2 Samuel 14 28 Absalom lived in Jerusalem for two years without getting to see the king.
2 Samuel 14 29 Then Absalom sent for Joab to ask him to intercede for him, but Joab refused to come. Absalom sent for him a second time, but again Joab refused to come.
2 Samuel 14 30 So Absalom said to his servants, "Go and set fire to Joab's barley field, the field next to mine." So they set his field on fire, as Absalom had commanded.
2 Samuel 14 31 Then Joab came to Absalom and demanded, "Why did your servants set my field on fire?"
2 Samuel 14 32 And Absalom replied, "Because I wanted you to ask the king why he brought me back from Geshur if he didn't intend to see me. I might as well have stayed there. Let me see the king; if he finds me guilty of anything, then let him execute me."
2 Samuel 14 33 So Joab told the king what Absalom had said. Then at last David summoned his estranged son, and Absalom came and bowed low before the king, and David kissed him.